Kutti876 – Live – The Ep Review

Kutti876 – Mikhail Francis – A Jamaican-born musical artist whose style of music is soft reggae. His Debut Ep Kutti876 Live has a sexy beat, with sparks of Latino influence. An Ep with an intense vibe, proper chilled out from start to finish.

Gyalis Business – Sets the pace for the whole Ep. Slower reggae beat with lyrics about relationships, sex, and ladies create a spicy first song. Gone up has a much lighter, upbeat feel to the track and references a rich life of money and ladies. Paris, I felt had a slick dancehall beat which gave it a nice summer vibe, a good track to get the ladies up dancing nice and close.  

Fall in Love – This song has a real chilled out beat with lyrics ‘give you everything’ and ‘make you fall in love’ talk of love, relationships and 21st Century dating. Smooth vocals and sexy rhythms. Lifestyle has a unique sound to the rest of the Ep, electronic beats, good lyrics that are captivating to the imagination of ‘champagne living’ and the ‘lifestyle’ we all dream of.

Accusation is clear from the title that the song is going to be raw and have vocals with feeling. The lyrics speak of cheating, relationships, and heartache, ‘tell you boyfriend how you are feeling’. Captivating words with heartfelt soul.

Everybody Miss You Is a beautiful tribute to a friend. A song that the listener will feel and connect with. We all can relate to pain in our lives. Stunning lyrics ‘gone to soon’ hits hard of the pain of losing someone you love.

Brand New changes the feel of the Ep back to the sexier vibe as before. This track is about sexual energy, brand new love, and real feelings. A serious hot reggae track. Confessions continues with the dirty beat, maintaining the intensity and sexual chemistry in the lyrics.

Yellow Kush –Is the track I see being the big hit. Super chilled out vibes, nice soft beat and catchy lyrics will instantly connect with the fans who will be ‘puff puff’ enjoying the Ep.

Unique sound. Slow, underground feel with some serious spiced up lyrics and beats. Overall great Ep 8/10. Take a listen, What are your thoughts on this Ep


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