Kranium – Can’t Believe ft. Ty Dolla $ign & WizKid (Dance Video)

Kranium – “Can’t Believe” Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & WizKid
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Watch as these NY dancers turn up the heat to Kranium’s new single “Can’t Believe”

Dancers: Jullisa Bond, Julleah Bond, Zaire Michel, Kadeem Traill, Marc Rivera-Cantey, Camille Worthen, Kiana Young, Nicole Cherry, Karaj Pettis, Nathalie Delgado, Michael Gilbert, Marcus Yates, Nicole Vequa,
Zach Holman, Julian Wicks, Gabe Meshach Jimmerson, Makeesha Hill, Wendell Bullen, Lotus Alerte, Naja Newell, Durell Grant, Alrick White, Akeem Timothy, Nadia Irishey, Mariia Baklytska, Jeremy Davidson, Dominique Dorsey

DJ: Kevin “DJSWEAT” Glasford

Choreographers: David Thomas, Nikki Vequa, Wendell Bullen, Jullisa & Julleah Bond

Producers: Torey Nelson & Jullisa Bond

Creative Director: Torey Nelson

Content Ideation & Marketing Direction: Brianna Harrison


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  10. Hello Guyz😍How are y’all doing???

  11. 2022

  12. Mi wen uh no sad I play mi this

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  14. I love this song. sweet vibes

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