A look at Jaz Elise Debut Ep The Golden Hour

Jaz Elise is an extremely talented Jamaican artist from Kingston, Jamaica. Her EP The Golden Hour’ on sale now demonstrated her natural ability as a singer and vocalist.

The EP and her voice were captivating, soft vocals draw you into the lyrics and her words instantly connect with you. Overall, her EP is extremely powerful. Her songs are relatable but also personal to her own journey with a strong spiritual message. Jaz Elise can portray her story but still maintaining her incredibly unique style.

The song ‘Radio’ was simply beautiful, the words soulful and relaxing, words like ‘turn me on’ make you feel good and would persuade me to dance at a gig or even in the comfort of my living room.

Radio By Jaz elise

The song ‘After 3’ featuring Mortimer had a much slower beat than ‘Radio’; it was intimate and passionate. Jaz Elise has a stunning tone to her voice and ‘After 3’ gave her the opportunity to showcase her vocal range. The song was soothing and very easy to listen to.

‘Elevated’ was a song that made me smile and will be a song that will connect with many female listeners. From the very beginning, the words were strong and powerful, direct, but relatable Raw emotion of relationships with words like ‘don’t waste my time’ indicate pain and make you want to listen to more.

‘Fresh and Clean’ and ‘Good Over Evil’ both had striking messages; very understandable why these have been the first 2 singles, they have a different tone and have a message of journey, strength, and light. The two singles have amazing energy, creativity in the mix and the keys set tone of a positive vibe.

‘Straying’ has a more chilled vibe to the song and portrays the journey of ‘love’ and relationships. Jaz Elise has an incredible soulful vocal in this song and this was one of my favourites.

‘Breathe’ has a wonderful tranquil tone and is perfectly accompanied by saxophone. With vocals, words of gratitude and mediation this is the perfect chilled out song.

This lady has such a unique voice, and her songs are written from the heart with conviction. Reviewing her EP has in my eyes been The Golden Hour.  This talented singer has a gift and is using her voice to spread love to her listeners wishing it was a golden hour of listening and not half the listening journey but it’s an EP we will await the album.

Excellent from start to finish and worthy of 9/10.

Review by Charis Jones for WorlMag in UK

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