I love when soca artists release albums, they rarely ever miss. You get to see the full extent of an artist’s talent, and it gives many the freedom to explore. So imagine my excitement finding out that Skinny Fabulous had dropped his debut album – B.A.D (Beyond A Doubt). Now, not all of the songs are new, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. Listening to them in the context of this album will make every song feel brand new.
You can tell Skinny really put his whole heart into this album, from the track order to the features. It is perfection. There is something for everyone on this album, whether you’re a die-hard soca fan or someone who’s down to experiment.

For those who are die-hard Skinny fans, the album features songs we already know and love such as New Gyal, Danger (personal fave), Bang and Naked. Songs that are guaranteed to get us up and dancing

Skinny Fabulous x Problem Child – Danger (Official Music Video)

What’s an album without a love song? Apology is the perfect song for the lovers out there. If you ever get into bacchanal with your babe, send this with a “thinking of you x” message and you might just win them back. It being acoustic adds another level of beauty that would be hard to resist . And assuming your babe is a true soca lover, the next track, Come Home will be the perfect follow up song!

Skinny Fabulous – Apology (Big Mood Riddim)

If you’re a dancehall fan there’s something for you too, multiple somethings in fact. My personal favourite of the dancehall-esque songs is Big Millions and I truly hope it blows. But we also get a little old school vibe on Up Dey which features the legendary Bounty Killa and Grenada’s finest, Mr Killa

Skinny Fabulous x Chimney Records – Big Millions | Official Audio

Skinny really travelled around the Caribbean with this album, including a stop off on the island of Saint Martin to link up with the talented Oswald. Together they bring us a beautiful zouk/kompa vibe on Girls That Like Girls 2

Girls That Like Girls 2

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed soca and rock? Well, wonder no longer. The bonus track – Stupidness Rocks is exactly that, and surprisingly it’s good! This song also further solidifies what the rest of the album had already shown us, Skinny is a force to be reckoned with and his talent really has no bounds.

Stupidness Rocks (Bonus Track)

Skinny knew what he was doing when he titled this album, because if there was anyone who was mad enough to doubt his talent he has proved himself beyond any doubt. It leaves me excited to see what’s next for The Vincy King

Here’s my personal favourite, Sauce

Skinny Fabulous – Sauce (Official Visualizer) | Retro Fete Riddim | Soca 2023

Let us know what’s your favourite track on the album or just what are your thoughts on this fantastic body of work?