Lavish – Irresponsible [Official Video]

Lavish – Irresponsible [Official Video]

Kingston dissonance: Lavish breaks with what you’re accustomed to. She is an urban Punk – and a true Raggamuffin. The kind of girl that you respect just because of her appearance. She is still young and hasn’t seen the world. But she knows the universe. She is ready to grow, hoping not to get cracked up by these streetz. Anything can happen as a talented extraordinairy person.

Lavish enters the music world on a high level with her first single β€žIrresponsibleβ€œ on Jugglerz Records – a label that truly believes in her talent. Musically inclined, she abstracts the sloping melody from the hurting content of her song: People do stuff other than they should, because they don’t take up any responibility. β€žWaan buy weed but you can’t buy foodβ€œ is a stinging punchline that simply says it like it is. Her unique voice elevates the listener from the first note, the sound of Lavish is irresistible.

GET THE SONG HERE: https://apple.co/2HwacM4
Stream on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2GUPhFq

Song: Irresponsible
Artist: Lavish

Composer: Moritz Smolnig-Jugglerz/Brittney Marshall
Mix: Moritz Smolnig-Jugglerz
Master: Sensay Digilog
Video by: Florian Semineth
Director: Florian Semineth/Moritz Smolnig
Camera: Florian Semineth
Edit: Florian Semineth

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