J Kaz – Bae [Music Video]

I said wouldn’t you mind (yeah)
We can go deh suh if ah dat you want
She say J kaz you nuh regular

We can go deh so if ah dat you like
Buy you jewellery and extra ice
Ina do lingerie weh she buy
Mek mi have fi ask if a second try
The way she gwarn have me mesmerised
Haffi roll my weed and get the light
She said J Kaz spend the night
I said yeah as long as you give me that special wine

I said wouldn’t you mind
If I put your legs to the side
If I said oh baby ride
Gonna make you feel good when I slip it inside
She said I’m the usual type (no)
Would you reply (I don’t think so)
But if the feeling is right she gonna give me the ting all day and all night

Verse 2:
She said J Kaz don’t tell don’t tell nobody
I said Michelle don’t worry keep it in my memory
She sent me sneaky vid
I saved it to my gallery
Love you from February to January
We can go deh so if a dat you would prefer
Beat it up on the dresser
No need to impresser
She came around at half 8 I remember
She came wearing a dress but
Then she left in my sweater

Chorus 2:
I said wouldn’t you mind (no)
Would you reply (I don’t think so)
Is he your man (you’re not sure)
Give me a chance ( and you ah go want more)

Me ah go love you if ah dat you want
Give you sweet sweet love when it after dark
Beep beep mi nuh have fi talk
I Just pull up at the front deh so mi ah park

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