Problem Child – A Look at Problems Again The Album

Problem Child is very prolific in the Soca space, His penmanship in crafting hits and performer as made him a staple of this vibrant genre that the world is slowly catching on to. Vincy Bad Boy, Johnny Fontainne Aka Problem Child as now released Problem Again his 1st   full length body of work

Problem Child delivers an album that is soulful, funky, and vibrant from start to finish. Carefully selected tracks make an excellent soca statement. Slick vocals and lyrics combined with cool collaborations and soca rhythms produce an album I would want to listen to again.  

Every Praise Feat Valerie Need starts the album off with a slower pace and track. The lyrics are beautiful with ‘brand new day’ and ‘protect me’ reflect faith and the beauty of life.

Life is a beach & Rum, Mas & Party both have Caribbean beats and sounds. Instant sunshine and positive vibes. It is hard not to feel happy to these tracks and I will challenge you not to get up and dance. Mas & Party is one of my favourites on the album. Oh my gosh remains upbeat, sexy, and flirty and will be a big soca hit.

Thief Piece and Back Seat Ride both have a unique funky beat that has summer vibes all over them. The lyrics are meaningful and relatable and will connect the listener. ‘Think about it’ suggests relationships and breakup and indicates lady trouble. Mine all mine has the opposite vibe of good times, good vibes, and love. Upbeat, funky track.

Problem Child – Thief Piece I Rude (UBER RIDDIM) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2020)

No Games has a softer tone with a sexy Latino influence. Lyrics ‘stop playing hard to get’ indicate the rhythm is playful and fun with a good summer beat. Nasty Up has a much harder tone, with a faster base track. The lyrics are deeper but remain catchy and funky and will be a big fete classic.

Problem Child – Nasty Up (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO SOCA 2020)

Right Right Now has a lighter, fun feel to the song. A summer track about enjoying life, Caribbean style with beautiful ladies. Guaranteed to transform your mood.  Colors have an incredibly unique feel of Latino combined with Caribbean vibes, celebrating everything that is life, love, beautiful colors, and humanity. Flavah has a very edgy street style to it. Soft vocal background with a trance bass compliments the lyrics nicely. I really enjoyed this track.

Sick Head is a faster, harder track on the album with great vocals which makes for wicked tune and great beat. Drink & Party ft Noah Powa is a classic soca track with a Caribbean influence. Dancing is life. Good vocals and collaboration. Great soca sound. We doh Farid is a lively track, upbeat, and full of high energy. I loved this track. The album finishes with Shake it up ft Kevin Crown and whopping track to end with. Brilliant. Problem Child deserves a 9/10 as he made me want to ‘shake it up’ throughout the album.

Problem Child ft Noah Powa “Drink & Party” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO 2020

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