Yaksta (Bush Lawd) – Ambition (Official Video)

by Epik Jonespublished on February 26, 2021
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Reggae/Dancehall entertainer Yaktsa releases a captivating new single ‘Ambition’ which is now available on all digital platforms. This uplifting and encouraging track, speaks to building generational wealth and how important it is to not seek validation from the public but to focus on the more valuable aspects of life.

Yaksta says, “in today, as a society we focus more on the flashy material things and what is more expensive. I am standing from a different viewpoint; I believe that building generational wealth and focusing less on the expensive materials are steps in the right direction. This is for young and the young at heart”. Yaksta noted that the track is to build awareness and for his fans to shift focus, as the song is a movement in a bright direction.

The track, which was produced by Afro Boi Entertainment and WussMuzikk, is the first track off the compilation featuring other artists, titled (Africans for Africa) set to release later this year. It was composed, by Marlon Easy. Ambition is available on digital platforms Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Vevo channel, Amazon Music and on Itunes.

Yaksta hopes to see a major shift in consciousness with music that creates unity and inspires all.

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Official Lyrics

Yaksta, uh-huh, Yeah!
Two oh! two two, Bush Lord ah
Ready Marlon? Yah!

Vs. 1)
Excuse mi nuh pagons
nah seek validation, toast and admiration
From yo nor your patrons.
Boasting bout name brand
weh cost over eight grand. “(Fi wah)
“When Mr a chin have same one
Fidi cost of a straight pants.
“Why own a farrari with no where fi park it
Why shop a Louis Veeee, when there is target
Now mi hype and mi fiesty, true mines mia save it
Dem guh Fendi fi trendy, bank account caan empty! (Bruk)

Acres over Mark X
Link mi wife wah sex
Cause when side gyal breed
Child support that lead “tu
“Farming over flossing

Investments ove braffing
Inheritance fimi seeds
Mi alright being mean

Vs. 2)
If yah fifty and never make a brinks get use
Means yo poor suh yo kids next tooo
Employment yo use as a big excuse
yaah tim grow suh how him get through.
“havey same 24hr ” suh wah you get two?
If wi kids does good you give them jewels
Mr. Wang and Raghav give their own tools
To keep getting wealthy boss ass move

Land a sell and mi wah piece
Nuh bada watch how mi clarkes lean
Soon start supply wallgreens.
Stocks large when yo plant trees

Cah dem!! Feel mi woulda fubeeer

Guh hug up unu mummmmmer
You an, you an, you an, you an, you sir
Isa bakery mi build from a buller
St. Mary Dispensory supplying di good herb

Acres over Mark X
Link mi wife wah sex
Cause when side gyal breed
Child support that lead ” tu
“Farming over flossing
Investments ove braffing
Inheritance fimi seeds
Mi alright being mean

Vs. 2)
Though Dior tempting,
Still watch weh mi spending
9 cows, 12 goat kid, millions when dem big.
Build up a ranch a rent it,

Ground produce must plenty .
party ice vending each bag cost sempty
Partner draw me fix mine,
invest back ina bit coin
Block chain, virtual gold demands inflate in time.
Invest ina mi merch, give wah to which church
Pastor guh look work.
Rob mi farm then a dirt………….

Acres over Mark X
Link mi wife wah sex
Cause when side gyal breed
Child support that lead ” tu
“Farming over flossing
Investments ove braffing
Inheritance fimi seeds
Mi alright being mean

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